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What is Project GlassFish?
프로젝트 글래스피시는 뭐?

The GlassFish community is building open source, production-quality, enterprise software. The main deliverables are an Application Server, the Java EE 5 Reference Implementation, and the Java Persistence API Reference Implementation, TopLink Essentials.

글래스피시 커뮤니티는 오픈소스, 제품 퀄리티, 엔터프라이즈 SW 구축. 글래스피시 커뮤니티의 메인 실행 가능 제품들로는 어플리케이션 서버, Java EE 5 레퍼런스 구현, Java Persistence API 레퍼런스 구현, TopLink Essentials 구현물 등이 있다.

The mature code base is a result of Sun donating the Sun Java System Application Server 8.x to the community. As such, the community is led by Sun with Governance currently being defined. Oracle and Ericsson are also major contributors, donating Toplink Essentials and SIP Servlet technology respectively.

글래스피시 커뮤니티에 도움(소스 등 기여)을 준 협력체 (contributors)

썬의 썬 자바 시스템 어플리케이션 서버 8.X
오라클의 TopLink Essentials
에릭슨의 SIP Servlet Technology 등.

Enterprise-ready features delivered by GlassFish v2 include: (글래스피시 v2에 포함)

Clustering (클러스터링)

In-memory session replication for scaling applications deployments to meet demand. Clusters can be grown (or reduced) dynamically to meet customer demand.
High availability offers continuous service availability in event of server failure
Advanced Centralized Management
Manage cluster (and individual instance) lifecycle. Create, start, stop, delete clusters and instances dynamically.

Centralized cluster configuration (중앙집중화된 클러스터 설정)

Centralized application lifecycle management. Deploy/undeploy applications from a centralized location.
Centralized monitoring (here) (here(here), also exposed via JMX for 3rd party tools
Call flow monitoring to detail where a transaction is spending time in the application server

Best-in-class performance (퍼포먼스)

Web Services interoperability with Microsoft .NET 3.0 (닷넷 3.0 과 웹 서비스 호환)

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