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Written on 오전 4:20 by 강여사(J.Y.Kang)

How often can I get an update of GlassFish?

글래스피시 업데이트는 얼마나 자주?

Updated builds for GlassFish are posted every night to (click Download to access the main download page). These code pushes have undergone very basic testing to ensure they will build and execute but have not been tested as thoroughly as the production releases. Additionally, you have read access to the same CVS tree as the developers, so you always see the latest versions of the code there. Occasionally, typically weekly or so, a "promoted" build is pushed that has been more thoroughly tested and will contain many more documented features than the regular nightly builds.

업데이트된 글래스피시 빌드는 에 매일 밤 포스트됨.

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