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What is the difference between Tomcat and GlassFish?

톰캣과 글래스피시와 차이점은?

Tomcat is a servlet container that can host JSP and servlets. GlassFish is a Java EE 5-compliant application server that includes implementation for a Web services stack (Metro), EJBs, Java Persistence, and many others included in the Java EE 5 specification. GlassFish also provides the out-of-the-box clustering, centralized administration, high availability, and load balancing capabilities required for enterprise applications. The GlassFish web container is a fork of Tomcat 5.5. Why a fork? The Tomcat folks were making incompatible interface changes while GlassFish was trying to stabilize the code base (not a complaint, just reality). This GlassFish and Tomcat Comparison page also lists differences. (이 비교페이지 꼭 볼것..기타 웹로직과 웹스피어와도 비교이나..아마 위키 작성자가 이 둘은 잘 모르는 듯. ㅋㅋ ???의 연속이군..)

톰캣은 JSP와 서블릿을 중재하는 서블릿 컨테이너. 글래스피시는 웹 서비스 스택(메트로), EJBs, 자바 퍼시스턴스, 그리고 기타 많은 Java EE 5 스펙을 구현하는 Java EE 5-호환 어플리케이션 서버.

Think GlassFish is too big, and forces you to run more than you really need? The "all-or-nothing" nature of GlassFish goes away in GlassFish v3. The modular architecture of GlassFish v3 will provide lightweight, more "Tomcat-like" distribution options and enable you to roll out as much or as little of the GlassFish server as you need. Item A on the GlassFish v3 Themes page (Modularity and Extensibility) describes what's planned.
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