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Is GlassFish really free to use?

글래스피시는 정말 사용하는데 공짜?

Yes! The GlassFish Application Server is open source and totally free to use. Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server (previously named Sun Java System Application Server) is Sun's commercial version of GlassFish with a different installer and is also totally free to use.

네~! 글래스피시 어플리케이션 서버는 오픈 소스이자 완전히 사용하는데 무료. 썬 글래스피시 엔터프라이즈 서버(이전 이름은 썬 자바 시스템 어플리케이션 서버)는 다른 인스톨러(설치 프로그램)을 가진 글래스피시의 썬의 상용 버전으로 이역시 사용하는데 완전히 무료.

So how does Sun make money if GlassFish and Sun's commercial offering are open source? In a word, services. Sun makes money selling services under the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server brand, namely support, consulting and training.

그럼 글래스피시와 썬의 상용 제공 버전은 어떻게 수익을 창출하는지? 간단히 말하면, 서비스~로. 썬은 썬 글래스피시 엔터프라이즈 서버 브랜드, 즉 지원, 컨설팅 그리고 교육 등을 통해 각종 서비스를 수익 모델로 제시.

This FAQ provides a good comparison between GlassFish v2 and Sun's commercial offering. Whether you are using GlassFish or Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server, the bits are free for development and production. After installation, the bits laid down on disk by the GlassFish v2 installer are the same as when you install the base Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 9.1 bundle. The Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server w/HADB bundle adds HADB, Mozilla, NSS libraries, and 3rd-party Data Direct drivers. If you look at the table in the FAQ, you can see that there are no major differences between GlassFish and Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server. That's by design. Eduardo has a good writeup about how Sun productizes open source.

If you plan to go into production and want to purchase support (or purchase support in the future), Sun recommends installing Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server on production systems. Alexis has an excellent writeup about the benefits of support. The most important points are timely and accurate responses to questions with an SLA, access to the sustaining branch, and indemnification. Indemnification is a benefit of the support contract, not the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server bits themselves. Arun also writes about the benefits of subscription in 3 Steps for Successful GlassFish Deployment.

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